Date of Death : 15-Dec-2019
Date of Funeral : 20-Dec-2019 (10:00 am)
Funeral Location : St Theresa’s R.C. Church
FOSTER, JUDITH (JUDS) passed away on 15th December, 2019. Daughter of William & Martha George (dec.). Wife of Desmond Foster. Mother of Coreen Williams, Barbara Greig (both dec.), Edmond, Wayne, Rosemary & Carol. Sister of Pearl, Sonny, Wilfred (dec.) & Lucille George. Grandmother of Richard, Keston, Candice, Neishawn, Roland, Robert, Natiscia, Meika, Tenika & others. Great grandmother of Nickelle, Samantha, Jacey, Joshua, Sanaiya Lei, Rishawn & others. Mother-in-law of Jacqueline Foster, Reynold Williams, Bert Hurdle, Junior Matthews & Nesha Foster. Niece of Rose Duncan (dec.). Cousin of Murell John (dec.), Hollis & Wenelle. Sister-in-law of Eziekel Gittens, Hayden Foster (both dec.) & Vernon Gittens. Friend & Aunt of many. Funeral service at 10.00 am on Friday 20th December, 2019 at St Theresa’s R.C. Church, Malick, Barataria thence to the Woodbrook cemetery. For enquiries; call C&B: (868) 625-1170. To send condolences please visit our website
It is always very difficult when our love ones die. In fact, we often wonder why! Have you ever wondered if death is the end of it all? Are the dead forgotten forever? Is there any hope for the dead? But more than that, how does God feel when our love ones die? The book of John chapter five verses twenty-eight and twenty-nine John 5: 28-29 (King James Version) says, “Marvel not at this, for the hour is coming, in the which all that are in the graves shall hear his voice. And shall come forth, they that have done good, unto the resurrection of life..." Jesus words in this scripture promises that we can see our loved ones again. It promises that millions now dead will live again on this earth and have the prospect of remaining on it forever, under peaceful paradisiac conditions.
“With that Jacob ripped his garments apart and put sackcloth around his waist and mourned his son for many days. And all his sons and all his daughters kept trying to comfort him, but he kept refusing to take comfort, saying: “I will go down into the Grave mourning my son!” These words found at Genesis 37:34, 35 describe how many feel when they lose a loved one in death. Please accept my sympathy. It is okay to grieve. Grief can change to joy when we are reunited with our loved ones in what the Bible calls the resurrection (John 5:28, 29) Imagine a father has the power to raise people from the dead. He has children that he loves dearly. One day an earthquake kills his children. What will he do? Surly he will raise them from the dead. How much more so will the Almighty God Jehovah raise up the dead in harmony with his justice and love! Would you like to know more? Please contact me at 706-2415 or check our official website at
Joel Worrell

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