Clark & Battoo Ltd


Cremation Urns

Saying goodbye to a loved one is never easy. For those who prefer cremation, urns are a beautiful, tasteful alternative to caskets as a final resting place for the dearly departed. Our urns are finely crafted from a variety of materials including marble and copper cloisonné.

CBU-223Navy Grecian Cultured Marble
CBU-229Mist Gray Grecian Cultured Marble
CBU-230Black Granitex Grecian Cultured Marble
CBU-828Gold Copper Cloisonne
CBU-826Blue Copper Cloisonne
CBU-824Green Copper Cloisonne
CCU-478Antique Book
CCU-7611-10Gold Floral
CBU-834Rose Copper Cloisonne
CEU-2643Purple Embrace Earthurn Eco-Friendly
CEU-2670Green Tone Paint Eco-Friendly
CEU-2642Green Embrace Earthurn Eco-Friendly
CEU-2674Round Green Tone & Multi Paint Eco-Friendly
CEU-EL-CM-1Cream Wash Keepsake
CEU-2671Eggshell Tone Paint Eco-Friendly
CEU-EL-CM-2Cream Wash