Clark & Battoo Ltd


Wooden caskets

The Clark & Battoo wooden casket options are carefully designed to suit the standards and pockets of people from all walks of life. Rich or poor, great or small, we will be your faithful friend and treat your loved ones with the utmost dignity. All our wooden options create a sight of natural warmth and beauty. They are priced according to the type of wood, interior finish and craftsmanship. Constructed like fine furniture, we give you an exquisite array of grain finishes.

Batesville Blue

Solid 18 Gauge Steel, Ocean Blue exterior, Light Blue Crepe interior, hermetically sealed, swing bar (long) handles, superior locking mechanism and much more features.

Batesville Brass

Hermetically Sealed, 32oz. Solid Bronze exterior, Champagne Velvet interior, Adjustable Bed & Mattress, signature (brass or silver) religious details of “Angels” & “Last Supper”, or of other religious denominations, or non-religious denominations are available. Memory safe to store sentimental keepsakes of your loved ones. Swing bar (long) handles, superior locking mechanism and much more features.

Big Square Mahogany

Clark & Battoo Big-Square Special; Solid Mahogany Gloss (also available in Cypre Apparmatte, etc. with Antique Silver swing bar handles.

Canadian Flat Top

Also available in Round Top, Local Hardwood finished in Mahogany, Walnut or Teak. Long bar handles available in Antique Gold, Sliver, Bronze. and Copper. Interior: gathered white Chalet with fan backing (also available eggshell, light Blue & off-white).


Exterior: Polished Mahogany finish (also available in Walnut or Clear), interior: gathered White Chalet with reversed fan backing. Handles available in long or short bar Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Copper.This fine creation is available in other imported wood types such as Oak, Cherry, Maple and Poplar etc.

Dark Grey

Exterior: Dark Grey; interior: gathered, Chalet, (also available in White, Eggshell and Rosetan) Precision Silver short bar swing handles.

Light Blue

Exterior: Light Blue; interior: gathered Light Blue Chalet. Precision Sliver long bar swing handles.


Antique Bronze swing bar handles (also available in Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Copper). Interior finishes white velvet or Crepe with fan backing. This model casket is also available in teak, Cypre, Apparmatte or other wood finishes.

Triple Lift

Traditional Coffin Shape; available in White Velvet interior (with other colours and fabrics) with short Antique Copper, swing bar handles (also available in Gold, Silver, or Bronze).

Big Square Teak

Solid Teak Gloss with Antique Silver swing bar handles. (Available in a wide variety of interior designs, colours and fabrics.)