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Advanced Funeral Planning

What is Pre-Planning

Pre-planning or pre-arrangement is the process of taking care of your funeral details ahead of time. It involves making choices such as casket or urn style, service location, and floral arrangements among others. Advanced planning also allows you to supply information that will be required by government agencies. Whether or not you choose to pre-pay for your arrangement, advanced planning helps you to document your personal wishes for your final resting place and will be a benefit to you now and to your loved ones in the future

What are the Benefits of Pre-Planning

Peace of mind: once your final arrangements have been taken care of you can relax without worrying about what will happen in the future.
Protect your family: Pre-planning shows your family that you care for them. It can be very difficult to plan a funeral while grieving the loss of a loved one. Taking care of your arrangements now eases the burden on your family members when the time comes.
Lock in today’s prices: Funerals can be very costly and with inflation and the rising cost of materials funerals in the future will be more expensive than they are now. Pre-planning and paying for your arrangements now will allow you to have the arrangement you want at today’s prices.

Getting Started

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